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Send, receive and spend crypto anywhere, at any time.

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Send & Receive crypto

Skip the hassle of lengthy wallet addresses. Send and receive cryptocurrencies from friends and family using Mansa tags/usernames.

Spend crypto like cash with our crypto cards

Expand the utility of your crypto with Mansa crypto cards. Shop and pay for subscriptions using stable cryptocurrencies on your preferred platforms.

  • - No spending cap
  • -No FX restrictions
  • - No geographical limitations
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Maximize your crypto earnings

Make your crypto work for you. Stake your idle coins with Mansa and earn daily rewards.

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Create an account

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Fund your wallet with crypto

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Start spending your crypto

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Backed by strong global partners and investors

Ivorypay is backed by prominent venture capitalists, incubators, and institutions in both the web3 and web2 space.

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Make Every Crypto Count

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